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Beyond Organic Shares

At Heart Beets Farm we are committed to increasing the quality of the food we grow, both flavor and nutrition. Every year we take strategic fertility actions based on budget considerations, soil tests and recommendations. But we want to do more! We want to grow the best quality produce available anywhere! That means we need to take accelerated steps toward improving the quality of our soil and we need your help. Going forward we are asking members for a voluntary investment in our capital fertility plan that we like to call the Beyond Organic Share. Your voluntary investment goes entirely towards long term fertility improvements, including higher applications of rock minerals, quality compost, biological inoculates and appropriate soil tests to help us  make the right decisions for our soil health. Remineralizing our soil will boost the health of food we grow, directly impacting your health and the health of your family! By making this investment you will not be receiving additional produce, but you will be empowering us to take our farm to the next level. We understand that times are tough and budgets are tight, but it is critical that we make these investments. Help us produce true food medicine!

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