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About Us

Hi, I'm Steve Murray...

I grew up all over the US. I have a degree in physics from UMASS Dartmouth and have been involved in farming since 2007 when I interned at Kettle Pond Farm. The following year I became the farm manager and have not stepped away from the farming world since. When I am not farming (which is rarely), I enjoy reading, spending time with my wife and children and eating ice cream.

Hi, I'm Sarah (farm mama)…

I started thinking about food the moment I was born and have not stopped since. It’s no surprise I ended up with my husband Steve on an organic vegetable farm about 8 years ago. I am a meticulous meal planner, a local food die-hard, and a vegetable educator. I LOVE teaching our CSA members and customers how to use their produce, store it longer, keep it fresher, and waste it never! Now with 2 kiddos (Juniper 5, Shepard 3) I get that struggles of keeping a family happy and healthy with all the real world stressors of modern life. My goal is to help you find realistic solutions to getting more vegetables on to your table. Find me at the veggie cart Saturdays at SOAM, at our CSA Pick-ups, or our other market locations. 












After spending ten years teaching preschool and kindergarten, Lauren found farming. AS fate would have it, she and Sarah met working together in Mattapoisett and they became fast friends. When Heart Beets started looking for a part-timer, she jumped at the opportunity to really dig in and fell in love with the challenges and rewards of agriculture. Lauren currently resides in New Bedford and relishes the early morning drives out of the city to Heart Beets where even the busiest days feel peaceful. A bit of a homebody, Lauren spends her off-time with her family; especially with her niece, Lucy. She loves to travel and play around in the kitchen. Her favorite parts of farming and working at Heart Beets are the non-stop collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Dedicated work-shares and volunteers who make it all possible include; Dennis, Maille, Millie, Marlene and the Possingers.