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About Heart Beets Farm

Meet Your Farmers!

Heart Beets Farm was started in 2014 and is located on a 5 acre rented portion of Kettle Pond Farm, located between the Taunton River and Assonet Neck in Berkley, MA. We rent this land from Alex and Chris Houtzager (owners of Kettle Pond Farm and the singular reason why Heart Beet Farms exists at all! We couldn't do it without their support!) and it has been certified Organic since 2007. In 2015 we added another plot of land from long term members, Rick and Michelle Houghton, right down the street! In 2019 we added the Moskal property located up the street from the home farm (@ 125 BayView Ave). 

We are Certified Organic. 

We go through a lot of extra steps to keep our organic certification each year. Why? Because I am raising two young kids, and I care about what they eat.

SSSHHHH….Don’t tell anyone, but here’s the secret to our great-tasting vegetables… we focus on building our soil. We take our role as “steward of the land” VERY seriously. When you join our farm, you’ll know exactly where your food comes from and that it’s grown with the highest standards.

No shortcuts.

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