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What is the Farmer's Choice Veggie Box?

It is a vegetable subscription program and the best way to support your local farmer. You buy a “share” of the farmer’s harvest at the beginning of the growing season and then come to the farm (or drop off location) each week to pick up a Box of seasonally available vegetables, picked by your favorite farmers. We historically used the term "CSA" which stands for Community Supported Agriculture - which is a relationship between the farmer and consumer. We always plan for the worst and our shares are bountiful, but we we may have some crop failures and by joining you help us continue growing food for years to come.  

What will you get?

In addition to the certified organic vegetables grown right here at Heart Beets Farm in Berkley, MA, we provide email newsletters, access to our facebook group and access to our weekly live unboxing videos. The facebook group is packed with recipes, storage tips and a community of like minded folks.  

What about too much food?

Some people choose to split their veggies with another household. Many members choose our less frequent option, the Bi-Weekly Box. This is an every other week box that is perfect for smaller households or those new to local vegetables (it is our most popular share)!

Our Newest offering is the Flex. Eight weeks of summer veggies, you choose the dates! This option is for those people who vacation or have demanding schedules but still want to support their local farmers and eat great. All we need is a weeks notice and you are set. 

How much does it cost? 

Most of our summer box options are less than $40/week for 8-14 certified Organic Vegetable items. Compared to our online store, our CSA is about 10% less expensive and usually has more diversity.  


What sets us apart?

Aside from being Certified Organic, we at Heart Beets Farm only distribute vegetables that we grow ourselves. We never buy in vegetables or other products to fill out our seasonal veggie boxes.  We look forward to growing you the best tasting vegetables Massachusetts can offer. 

What's in a share?

Want to Visualize the Bounty?
See all 20 weeks of our summer veggie boxes! 

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