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 Referral Rewards

In just a few short years our Veggie Box program has grown by leaps and bounds largely thanks to the wonderful word-of-mouth advertising we’ve received from our awesome, loyal members!

We created this program as a way to acknowledge and reward you, our devoted customers and supporters, for the important role you play in the promotion of our farm and local agriculture.

So, keep up the good work!

For every new, first time customer you recruit you’ll earn yourself $50 of credit on GrownBY (our online farm stand) to use at your convenience!

Thank you!

Since 2014, we have witnessed the true meaning of "Community Supported Agriculture" grow up around our small farm!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our past and present members who have been tremendously supportive of our farm and of local agriculture in South Eastern Massachusetts.

We love all of the wonderful connections and friendships that we have made through the common bond of a love for delicious fresh food and look forward to many more in the years to come!

Fine print details:

  • Anyone making referrals prior to purchasing a summer share themselves can only claim their reward if they themselves purchase a share to the current year's Summer share at Heart Beets Farm. 

  • A successful referral means a new, first time Summer share member at Heart Beets Farm who has completed all payments for the current year's farm share program.

  • Get credit by asking your friend to put your name on their online sign up form in the comment section, so we know you referred them.

  • Referrals made for the Spring or Fall seasons are not eligible for rewards at this time.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals per membership. You can continue making referrals until our summer options sell out for the year.

  • We are happy to send you printed brochures to distribute or feel free to refer your friends to our website, facebook page, and Instagram.

  • We will distribute the rewards for your referrals once the Summer season starts. We will be in touch with you shortly before this date so that we can tell you how to use your reward.

  • The Referral Rewards Program at Heart Beets Farm applies to individuals only. No company, organization, or business is eligible for rewards. 

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